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How You Can Own Ebay Clone with Lower Cost

Ebay clone

zobayeBay is a platform of the multinational e-commerce corporation which is used to perform the business to business or the customer to customer sale through online. The clone script of this mobile application is named as the Zobay which is currently performing well. The user can access this mobile application and at that time, they have to proceed with the seller verification code to log in the account. Customizing the features for the efficient online marketing service and managing the number of customers at the same time is possible.

Multiple languages and the currency support is possible which extend the business as well the as the performance. Through this clone script, quick and accurate results are revealed with respect to the task. Zobay is supporting the multiple payment gateways and allowing the buyers to make a payment through credit cards and wallets etc. The buyers can easily access the buy now option which makes the process to be achieved in short time. This EBay’s clone script, Zobay software is perfectly developed on the Zoplay website where the number of clone scripts is available.

There are some advanced monitoring features are supporting the buyers as well as the sellers to maintain the inventories and cart adding etc. It helps the user to access the multi-vendor shopping cart to purchase the high-quality products via e-commerce business. Highly flexible interfaces and the high-quality codlings are supporting the Zobay to have a new level of efficiency in the online marketplace. It is maintaining the tracking analytics for managing the products and directing those for the straightforward process.

Auction Marketplace Clone Software

yobayIt changes the online business platform as a virtual marketplace for the user, especially for the speculators. It is very much helpful for the digitalized marketing trend and it could be the best way to buy or sell the particular product through online. With the help of this mobile application, the user can have enough space the virtual marketplace. Yobay which is the clone script of eBay is revealing so many admirable features which are assisting in the business growth. In this mobile app, the user can create a shop in an online and gather the information and the requirements from the customer.

The complete packaging policy is updated in the clone script, the user can easily access while looking for the online marketing. Exclusive and the special products are listed separately to high light for the user’s reference. Most traded products are booked marked in this EBay’s clone script and those are listed as the favorite products. The amount is transferred to the PayPal service and that will be trustworthy to the user as well as the service. The advanced search option is available to search a particular product is currently available or not.

If the buyer purchases any product through online, the user can access the commission from the particular website. Email subscription process s suggested for receiving the notification of the arrival of new products. This clone script has a social media connectivity to provide an instant log-in for the user. This script has an efficient bootstrap design which helps the user to navigate through the application.