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A list of mobile apps for food delivery

Zoplay Dinedoo

The customers can sign up by using the social media sites such as Facebook or it can also be done successfully by using email ID or mobile number in the online Ordering system. One can also give the special instructions at the certain period of ordering for food. It is totally according to the driver’s wish he can be both online or offline. He will automatically receive the request when the status changes from offline to online in the Food Ordering System. Here the app is filled with amazing features so that the folks automatically use the app without any compulsion.

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Swiggy Clone

Swiggy app provides a series of highlighting features. The folks can track the status of the order with the aid of the GPS function and it can also be updated through the notifications. They can also select the food from the available menu of the restaurant and it can also be added to the cart and if any changes needed it can be made it accordingly in a reliable manner. Food Go is one of the best clone apps which has more or less similar features that of the Swiggy and one can generate more profit by selecting this app.

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iFood Clone

Here with the aid of the referral code, the user can sign up for the service and they can share it with their friends and family and download the app. In this case, the folks will get the referral amount. The admin has all the rights to generate the loyalty coupons in order to provide percentage discount to the users and earn more income. The payment method is a secured one and there is no any need to worry. Food Go is one of the best apps which yields more advanced features and this is one of a preferable one when compared to that of the other apps.

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Zomato Clone

In this food app, the user can access the delivery facility within a short interval of time and they can also book the food item as per wish at any time and it can be achieved through the online itself. The transaction process is designed in such a manner that payment process takes place in a smoother manner without any issues. The admin has all rights to track any pending status for the restaurants. Food Go is the best clone app of Zomato for the folks to launch their own food app and they maintain a good delivery service too.

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Seamless Clone

Seamless is an exciting site where the folks can give the order list for a cuisine and it will be automatically delivered to them based on the delivery time. With the aid of the smart search feature, both web and the mobile app can be implemented along with the filter options. If you wish to launch your food delivery app then it is better to choose Food Go, where the app has the best payment too and the details will be more secure and safer one. The customers can select the preferred payment option according to their convenience.

Deliveroo Clone

In Deliveroo, the interface is designed in such a manner that it is an alluring one for the customers. The real-time notifications will be sent automatically to the user, drivers including the restaurant too. These notifications are updated one and they can be referred in case of an emergency arise. The folks can also add a list of products to the cart once the decision is done and the payment can also be done successfully. If you have any plan to start a business in this app then you can go ahead with the Food Go app where all the features are extremely amazing one.

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Doordash Clone

Here the folks can order the food using the website, Android and iPhone app. The admin has each and every right to send the promo offer coupon codes with the aid of the push notifications, SMS, and emails etc. With the help of the promo codes, the customers can also get a discount on their food meals. The entire website is designed in such a manner that based on the user’s location the nearby restaurants will be popped up easily. The Food Go app is also filled with several exciting features so that the people who wish to launch a food delivery app can make use of it.

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FoodPanda Clone

Food Panda is one of the best delivery apps, which connect the folks with thousands of local restaurants. Here the loyalty program helps to enhance the transaction and increase the customer interaction. On the other side of the coin, the statistics module tries its level best to achieve the results in a better manner. The folks can also pay the amount directly from their mobile phones without any need of the traditional cash. If the users want to give a try they can go on to the app and start searching for the restaurants and cuisines too. If anyone wishes to start their own food delivery service and they can go ahead with the aid of the Food Go app where it has more or less similar features to that of Food panda.

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InstaCart Clone

With the aid of the GPS Tracking system, the ordered groceries will be automatically delivered to the specific address and hence it is popularly said to be that the groceries get delivered to your door. The products can also be ordered from the stores which are nearer to that of the customer’s delivery location. If anyone interests in to start a grocery app then there is no any need of worrying go ahead with Food Go app. Here in Food Go, the push notifications are the one which is real time by sending the booking status, special messages to the consumers and the drivers as well.

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Grubhub Clone

Once the order is placed, the folks can also track the status with the aid of the map on the app. There is also provision available for the payment from the wallet system. The admin has all the rights to add or edit the rating and the consumers can rate the restaurants based on the available opinion. The folks can start their own delivery food apps with the aid of the Food Go. Here in Food Go both the mobile and the web app integrate with Google map so that it will be useful for the customers and the drivers.

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Justeat Clone

Here, the users can also manually search for the restaurant from the particular location where they want to place the order. With the help of the charts and the diagrams, the progress of the business can be done in a systematic manner. The user can also be able to contact the driver in case of emergencies by using the phone from online ordering system and hence making it as a reliable one. If anyone has an idea of starting an own business in concerned Food Delivery app, then you can blindly choose Food Go to gain more profit and for the business growth.

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UberEats Clone

Here, the instructions given by the customers will be delivered to the concerned restaurant and it can be viewed directly by the restaurant managers. The payment can be made easily with the available options such as credit card option or by cash method. The customers are also given the facilities for ordering the food using website itself. The folks can also search for the favorite dish, cuisine including the restaurants too. The restaurants can also be searched by just entering the name of the location. Food Go is one of the best clone apps of UberEats and it has many advantages so that the folks can make use of it.

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Bigbasket Clone

In Big basket app with the aid of the search option, the folks can enter the details of the product what they are searching for and the intermediate results will display all the details of the product automatically. At the same time, the admin can also add the offers which are based on the amount, item based on the offer and no delivery charges. Any businessman wishes to launch a new app in the grocery app, then he can proceed on with the Food Go. Here in this clone app, the folks can add as many of the products to the cart once the entire process is finished they can check out and make the payment successfully.

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Grofers Clone

Grofers is one of the well-known apps in the grocery shopping and here a list of groceries from the multiple brands can be added and also searched, filtered based on the brands and delivered. The bootstrap option makes the entire front end development faster and efficient one. It totally depends on the skill levels, devices of the shapes and the projects of all sizes. There are different options available for the payment such as debit card, credit card, an e-wallet system. If you wish to launch a grocery app and also want to customize the choices as well then no doubt, 100 percent you can proceed on with that of the Food Go app.

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