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The 7 Best Resources for Whatsapp Clone Apps

chatsyHow to Create a Chat application

Chatsy is one of the well known WhatsApp clones and it is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. This gigantic messaging service has the more or less similar features for the business people to start an enterprise. Chatsy stands at the top position and it provides many features. The folks can easily upload and share any kind of files and documents with their friends and colleagues. Here the calls are completely free and hence the folks need not pay. It is possible to create groups and add multiple contacts based on the people’s interest. With the aid of the Chat Lock option, the users can lock a personal chat or a group with an authorized password. One can manage the passwords with the option of settings feature. The privileged user can share the images, videos, audios, contacts and the location of the group. If a person is not interested to participate in a group then he/she can delete the group.

scimboHow to make app like whatsapp?

Scimbo a well-known clone of WhatsApp is a major platform where the users can send files, documents, images etc to their friends and colleagues. One can share the beautiful memories including music and videos with friends and family. With the aid of QR code, the users can opt for the web version. There is no any need to worry about missing the messages in the chat window. The interface is designed in such a factor that notifications will aid you in each and everything. Loch Chat is essential for the folks who prefer privacy; hence the users can lock/unlock the particular conversation by using a password. On the other side of the flip, it prevents the other person notice your chat. Similar to that of sharing messages and images the users can also share the exciting videos with friends and colleagues, which brings automatically happiness in everyone’s face. This app stands at the position and it is welcomed by everyone globally.

instacyCreate a Messaging App

Instacy is a popular WhatsApp clone that acquires the well-built code characteristics. The entrepreneurs who wish to start a quick launch can make use of this app. The dashboard is designed in a manner that it is a powerful one and it is compatible with both Android and iOS. The folks can share the locations with the aid of the immediate messenger app. The chatting is possible and it can be either single chat or group chat. They can also share the images with the friends, colleagues, and relatives in the contact list with the option of immediate chat messenger. The folks can also share the contacts, audio files, and video files without paying any amount. One can also change and update the profile pictures, statuses and other settings in preference to their interest. There is a list of emoticons are available which helps the folks to share their feeling and give their expression according to their mood.

yakistaMake an app like whatsapp

Yakista is one of the successful WhatsApp clones in the industry and its features more or less similar to that of the WhatsApp. The best part is that its user-friendly interface and it is compatible with both iOS and Android users. It just occupies only a few amount of memory space and it is free of cost too. There is no any complication and it gives a classy user experience globally. With the aid of the video call option the folks can make calls globally on free of cost. When the recipient is the way the audio message option helps the folks to leave a message. If a user is not interested to talk with unknown people then he/she can block that contact in order to avoid the problem. The media files can be shared easily across the different platforms. The app is a reliable one and it is 100 percent safe one for the folks and it always tries its level best to five the satisfied user experience.

thassyWhatsapp android

Thazzy is one of the best WhatsApp clones that allow the folks to access a wide variety of features. One can send the text messages; make both audio and video calls at free of cost. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS applications. The real fact is that this app stands at the top position in the market and it has the highest credentials. It uses all over technologies from the scratch. One can make use of the web server and host on it. With the aid of the secret chat; the users can chat with anyone and can keep that conversation as a secret one. Here, the backup option is available to recall and the complete history, entire conversation of the chats are stored in the Google drive. Creation of a group conversation is possible with the presence of an admin. The admin has all the rights to add or remove an admin from the group.

truchatBuild Whatsapp Clone

In the present era, Truchat is one of the well known WhatsApp clones. When a person installs the Truchat app onto the Smartphone device there is no any need to enter all the contacts manually. The program is designed in such a manner that the contacts will be automatically synced and the folks who literally use the app will be on the contact list respectively. One can send and receive the text messages without any limits to all the persons in the contact list. One can also create a group for their friends and colleagues so that they can be in touch always. If the user wants to share their favorite music or audio including the inspiring speech in the audio format and they can share it with their friends, relatives, and colleagues. On the other side of the flip, a person can also share memories with friends and family.

dectorscimboApps like whatsapp – Scimbo

Scimbo is a tremendous app which is compatible with both Android and iOS applications. With the aid of push notification, the folks will be always alerted of incoming messages. This feature will be displayed for both individual and group chats. The folks can share the documents, files etc in an efficient manner. The document formats can be like anything such as PDF, PPT, and Doc etc. All over management of the profile through WhatsApp clone app immediately. It includes the updated profile picture and status etc. In order to avoid any unwanted chats, the user is given all the privileges to block the contact so that he/she can avoid the frustration of unnecessary messages. If any of important messages to be maintained in the future, then it can be a bookmark and kept. The starred messages can also be combined and displayed in a single list without any difficulties and it can be kept for reference if needed in the upcoming days.