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Healthcare can never be easy and convenient

It is hard to consult a doctor now days, as the ratio for one patient to one doctor is low, due the large population. The healthcare system in the current situation is worse. It is taking hours for us to get to a doctor, to check our health condition. It is not easy or convenient as compared to the other kind of service which people are seeking and getting. As with other services, customer focus is important. Focus on the patients well being is also important, when it comes to healthcare.Though the healthcare is flourishing in its own way, it doesn’t need an “Ubernization”. There are a few set ups around the cities for emergency purpose, which can be helpful only when there is an emergency. On a regular day, a patient with an ailing disease cannot be rushed into an ER. When, the business around us is trying to be customer oriented. Taxigen launched by Snoota is a tun key solution for start ups trying to launch an app like Uber.

The healthcare system is not trying to be patient oriented. The imperative care is given to the patients who can afford for it. So, what happens to the patients who cannot afford the essential care? We need to build strong relationship between a patient and doctor. Few ailments are cured just by giving a special attention towards the patient.

We have to overcome our clichéd thinking and start building stronger relationships with the patients. We need to think about effortless, creative and promising ways to build a healthcare system.