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Top-rated Food Delivery Apps

Top-rated Food Delivery Apps

1) Grubhub

Grubhub started its operations in 2004 in Chicago. It has streamlined dinner ordering service over the days. It is now standing tall with 9.18 million regular diners in more than 1,000 cities in the UK and the USA.

While talking about Grubhub, it is inevitable to talk about their takeout feature. The feature was an instant hit among those who have their heels on wheels. 

Parents and working professionals love this feature. They can order food at least 120 hours in advance and reorder a meal in a few seconds from order history. Keeping this in mind, we have developed our Dinedoo app, which has the same cool features as Grubhub.

2) Doordash

Doordash adopted a Y-structure business model. Doordash caters to three stakeholders — restaurants, customers, and delivery agents, aka Dashers. They found that many small-time eateries are struggling to fulfill the orders. It includes downtown Palo Alto, San Mateo, and Mountain view. 

Doordash lacks due to fewer drivers; four students developed a prototype app on January 12, 2013. Soon, orders started pouring in, and there has been looking back for them since then. Now, it functions in 4,000+ cities across the USA and Canada. 

The ‘suggested items’ feature is a key feature added to the Doordash application recently. They have designed this feature based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dinedoo has the same feature which curates items for customers. It makes them try at least 2-3 new dishes every month. 

3) Deliveroo

Deliveroo offers a wide range of cuisines. The best part about them is their promise of delivery within 30 minutes. Deliveroo partnered with premium restaurants. Many restaurants did not have a doorstep delivery service but wanted to spread their wings. Banking on this lack of delivery service, Deliveroo kick-started its business. 

Eateries partnered with Deliveroo and saw a huge promotion in their channels. Eateries who signed up for Deliveroo’s ‘Editions’ program expanded their businesses. They got access to crucial data, such as people’s eating patterns and food preferences. 

In November 2019, Deliveroo introduced a much-anticipated ‘Pick-up’ option. We also have this option in our Dinedoo app. This app allows customers to save some bucks and not to wait for their food to arrive. 

4) Zomato

Zomato’s birthplace is India, a country known for its densely-packed population. This very phenomenon pushed two colleagues (read entrepreneurs) to come up with a smart idea. It later transformed into Zomato

Deepindar Goyal & Pankaj Chaddah saw their colleagues burning time in the queue at their office eatery. They spent a lot of time just to get a glance at the menu card. So, the duo decided to create an online menu card. It later grew into an online directory of foods offered by many restaurants in Delhi NCR region. Now, the firm has more than 60 million users. 

In 2018, it introduced the ‘Self Pickup’ option, using which one can beat the queue. Inspired by this, Dinedoo has also included the same feature. 

5) UberEats

UberEats is a latecomer to the food delivery service industry. UberEats managed to surpass GrubHub in 15 major US cities in 2018. It is because of the incorporation of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Uber Product Director Jairam confirmed the same in his statement at VentureBeat. He attributed the orders amounting to more than a billion quarter of gross sales to AI. Despite being a cab aggregator, they have their infrastructure for the food delivery business. 

The real-time tracking feature is an added advantage for UberEats. By using that, the users can track the delivery person. We have replicated the same feature in our Dinedoo app. 

6) Swiggy

Swiggy is famous for its hyperlocal food delivery. Swiggy went a step ahead of its competitors. They have invested heavily in logistics, including an army of delivery persons. To reap the benefit of delivery charges, the company put customer satisfaction in the first place. 

Akin to other market leaders, Swiggy was quick enough to adapt to industry trends. It pumped money into data science, machine learning, and the like. 

Cloud kitchens is a concept of empowering eatery owners. You can establish cooking spaces in places where they don’t have a business. It is a successful concept for Swiggy. Its latest improvement is the in-app update feature. It allows users to update the app without exiting it. Our Dinedoo has the same feature.

7) Foodpanda

Founded in 2012 in Germany, Foodpanda is famous for its customization option. Narrowing down your favorite eateries and dishes in the app is a breeze. 

Free deliveries and discounts on meals also made Foodpanda stand out from the crowd. It adopted strategies such as email and social media marketing. Promotional campaigns run by the company increased its presence. 

Freebies such as iPad helped the company gain traction. It also grabbed eyeballs owing to a complete menu guide of each eatery. The app is simple, clutter-free, and pretty straightforward. 

By taking advantage of the user ratings, the app came up with the “Recommendations” option. The feature helped impatient users to place orders in a few clicks. Considering the importance of such a feature, we added it to our Dinedoo also.

8) Domino’s Pizza

It is surprising to know that it has been nearly 25 years since Domino’s launched its website. Yes, they have introduced the site in 1996. Not just the website, Domino’s began its web-based mail service, called Hotmail. 

Domino’s never shied away from new technologies, and their attention to detail is inspiring for other companies. Their electric self-driving delivery vehicles raised many eyebrows. One such example is Domino’s patented pizza delivery bag. 

Domino’s have designed it to keep the pizza hot when it reaches the customer’s doorstep. The firm’s latest innovation is the ‘Zero-click’ App. It allows users to order pizza just by opening the app. Your Dinedoo app has the same cool feature.

9) Just Eat

One of the early birds to perch on the food delivery tree, Just Eat, presented diners with a wide range of foods. The company became a turning point for many restaurants. The interaction with its customers positively changed after they collaborated with Just Eat. 

Today, the company lets the diners choose from more than 30,000 eateries across the world. It is an effortless process for restaurants to sign up with Just Eat. The company has eliminated the clumsy paperwork and automated it.

Just Eat understood the power of mobile phones in online ordering. So, the firm launched the ‘Mobile Takeaway’ feature. The feature, which also found its way in our Dinedoo app. It lets the customers order their takeaway food in seconds.

10) Postmates

Postmates is unique in its own away. It brings the best of many worlds — online food order, online grocery order, and online alcohol. The company ventured into the online ordering world a bit early. 

Postmates faced several challenges. Unreliable courier partners made a dent in the company’s image. But, the company rebuilt itself. In 2014, it managed to raise $16 million from Series B Funding by Spark Capital. The company has no looking back since then. 

Today, it operates in 500+ cities in the USA. The company allows its customers to pay through multiple payment options. Our Dinedoo app also adopted the same strategy. 

11) Instacart

Instacart made online grocery shopping an easy-peasy task for many US customers. They are the frontrunners who promoted the growth of online grocery order. The number of its delivery partners is staggering. 

Most of the contemporary grocery delivery companies rely too much on technology. But, Instacart does not rely too much on technology. Instead, it depends on the supermarkets’ sales force to fulfill the orders. Its latest addition to the app is the Fast & Flexible option. 

Instacart has introduced this feature by keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. Dinedoo has the same feature, which reduces shopping time. 

12) FreshDirect

This proven online grocer is a prominent player in New York City. It has been delivering locally grown produce and fresh food since 2002. Statistics say that FreshDirect’s prices are comparatively lower than many Manhattan supermarkets. 

Today, the company processes more than 4,000 online orders every day. Each order comprises at least 30 items. The company continues to grow by expanding its infrastructure. 

FreshDirect keeps its customers loyal using a feature called ‘Fresh Deals.’ The section offers irresistible offers using coupons. Taking inspiration from FreshDirect, Dinedoo has added the same feature in its app.