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Uber App Clone Features

Uber App Clone Features

Taxigen – Driver App Features

Document verification

It’s easy to verify documents on the app. All you have to do is to upload your driving license, ID cards, passport, and other permits to the app. Our system will do an instant check to determine the authenticity of the documents.

Less battery utilization

Draining of battery is a significant concern when you use mobile apps. We have designed the Taxigen app’s interface in such a way that it uses a lesser battery. We have optimized the user engagement. We did it by making it utilize less battery when they access the GPS. It also handles better ad servers to ensure optimal battery usage.

Automatic payout to bank 

As opposed to sending your payouts to the app’s wallet, you can directly receive the money in your account. All you have to do is register your bank details with the app and activate it. While the first payout might take a little time, the rest of the payments will be seamless.

Edit/manage fleet

If you are in a position where you have to change your fleet, all you have to do is mention the new cab details on the app. It gets automatically updated in the company panel and the rider’s systems.

Native mobile applications

The most significant advantage of using native apps is that it enhances user experience. We have built the Uber clone app individually for operating systems. It will ensure a glitch-free performance with relatively lesser bugs. Better data encryption means the app is safe to use.

Trip earnings

Want to know how much you have earned from a trip? Or Do you want to check the incentive through the month? You can track your earnings by month, week, day, or trip by clicking on the app’s earnings section.

Rider request alert

When a customer requests for a ride, the driver in the vicinity gets an alert on the app. You’ll be able to see the pick-up location alone. Once you accept the request, you’ll get the directions to the venue. Then you can call/chat with the rider to request details of drop-off locations. You are also at liberty to cancel a ride request on the app.

Social login

You have the option of using a separate email ID and phone number to register on the app. Also, you can save time by using your existing social media account to log in and create your profile.

Dynamic/Surge pricing 

Sometimes, there may be a huge demand for drivers due to traffic jams or bad weather. Our Uber clone app has a feature that allows you to identify such locations and timings. It then applies the surge pricing to those locations. This dynamic pricing module helps you earn more and also plan your schedule better.

Waiting charges

After arriving at a location, the driver may wait for a few minutes for the rider to start the trip. Beyond the stipulated time, you can enable the waiting charges. The user will get a notification instantly. The rate per minute varies according to location. It gets added automatically to the rider’s final fare.

Taxigen – Rider App Features

Auto location tracking

Our Uber clone app has a live tracking feature. It helps riders track their drivers’ location and estimated time of arrival using the GPS. It gives you a real-time update and helps you plan your trip better.

Multiple payment options

You have the option of paying by cash or by credit/debit card. To use these options, users have to register their details in advance. You can choose payment your method before you begin your trip. By keeping the convenience of riders in mind, we have integrated multiple payment options into the app.

Wallet payment feature

You can go completely cashless with the app. At the same time, you may be skeptical about saving card details on an app. In that case, you can use the wallet feature. You can link pre-existing wallet accounts with the Uber clone application. You can also create a wallet exclusively with the app.

Car rental feature

Apart from serving you on trip-basis, our Uber clone app also has exciting rental packages. You can rent a car for the entire day or on an hourly basis within the city. You can pay based on pre-set kilometers and calculations based on hours. There are outstation rental options as well.

Push notifications

The app notifies riders about the driver’s ETA (estimated time of arrival) and the price of the trip. It also gives live updates on the driver’s location. The push notification gives you all the details you want about your trip. You don’t need to log in to the app every time.

Ratings and reviews

The Taxigen app hosts ratings and reviews for both drivers and customers. After your trip, you’ll get a request to rate your driver on certain parameters. These reviews can help riders to decide if they want to go with a particular driver when they request for a trip. Similarly, drivers can also rate customers based on their behavior and attitude. It determines their star customer status.

Call masking

The actual phone numbers of both riders and drivers will get masked on the app. It ensures safety and privacy. Calls get routed through the internet, and chats happen on the webspace. Number masking is a great way to protect your personal information. You can use that and enjoy a worry-free ride.

Preferred language

Our Uber clone application gives you the option to set your preferred language for communication. The app supports multiple languages across the world. Our company believes that linguistic challenges should not be a cause of concern for anyone while booking their services.

Trip scheduling 

You may need to travel in the wee hours of the day. If you don’t want to wait for a ride when you want to commute, you can use the option of scheduling a trip. Enter the preferred day and time of travel, and the app will book a ride for you. The app will dispatch the details of the trip to you a few minutes before the scheduled pick-up.

Chat with driver

Sometimes you may not be able to call your driver to pass on or request for information. In that case, you can use the app’s in-built chat instead of texting on a personal number. The chat feature gives you suggestions for messages, too, like ‘I’m driving’ or “I’ve reached.’

10 Bonus Features That Come with the Uber Clone Application

SOS Button

Your safety is our priority. The Taxigen app has an inbuilt SOS button – a globally accepted code for extreme distress. If you are in an emergency situation, press the SOS button. It sends messages to the company’s customer support team instantly. Also, it sends a message to the phone numbers listed as ’emergency contact’ in your profile. It will prompt immediate action.

Ride Estimate 

The rider may want to figure out the approximate charges for a trip. He/she can get an estimation by filling in the pick-up and drop-off locations on the app. However, these ride estimates are approximate figures and not actual fare. It will depend on various other factors like traffic, weather, and detours during the trip.

Geofencing feature

A driver can mark the areas that he/she is not comfortable servicing. He can do it using the geofencing feature. It could be destinations outside the city limit or those with a higher rate of crime, among others. If a rider requests for a drop to a location that’s beyond the area chosen by the driver, then the trip gets rejected. Geofencing improves efficiency and helps you reach your target audience better.

Detailed invoice 

When the trip ends, the total fare flashes on the app screen. Apart from this, an invoice, with elaborate details on the distance, toll, and taxes, is automatically sent to the registered email ID. It serves as a digitally generated bill.

Assign manual booking

Your customer may be technologically challenged or maybe in a no-internet zone. In that case, they can use a manual booking option. They can ring up your number, and you can use the manual booking panel to assign a driver to them. Using this way, you can connect with your customers, even offline.

Customizable solution

Have specific requirements on how your app should be? You can customize the app’s look, features, and designs to suit your requirement. From choosing the interface to ensuring its privacy features and security, you have your right of way with us.

Full source code

We will customize the app according to your requirements. We will deliver a user-friendly premium app. We will hand over the source code, with a license, as part of the deal. You can use the source code script to modify the app in the future.

Real-time currency rates

We have built the app with a feature that updates the currency exchange rate regularly. It means you don’t have to update it every time the market shifts manually. It also eases your job while receiving payments and handing payouts.

Driver-tipping feature 

If a customer is happy with the driver’s services, he/she can choose to tip them while paying for the ride. You can use the tipping feature on the payment page to pay tips to drivers.

Favorite destinations

If a customer frequents an address, the app gives them the option to add the destination as a ”favorite. It saves them from the hassles of typing out the entire address whenever they choose to hail a cab.