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What is Deliveroo Clone?

  • Contactless solutions
  • Seamless Booking
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Add/Edit Promo Codes
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Multi-payment Gateways
  • 24x7 Support
  • Feature-Rich Application
  • Competitive Pricing
Uber app clone

WHY Deliveroo clone?

Notable Features of the Deliveroo clone.

  • Uber clone app Real-time Tracking

    Our real-time delivery tracking lets you track multiple food deliveries at the same time. It is one of the most accurate ways to find your Food delivery executive nowadays.

  • Uber clone Add/edit Promotional Codes

    Take your on-demand food delivery app to the next level by using our Promotional Code module. It is the best way to change inactive customers to active buyers. It also helps with your product branding.

  • Uber eats clone script Multi-Lingual Support

    Our seamless online food ordering apps come in a modern design. It also has Multi-Lingual support. It will help you to grow your customer base quickly across the globe.

Key Features - Deliveroo clone

Uber app clone
Quick Re-Order

Quick Re-Order is the easy way to get the food you love. This re-order button will increase the order rate. In turn, it will increase the revenue of your business.

Uber app clone
Guaranteed App Store Approval

Our company will guarantee that you are app will get approval on both android and iOS platforms. If there is a rejection, Our team will work with you to get your app approved on both the platforms.

Uber clone app
Push Notifications

Push notification is an easy way to engage inactive users. You can send regular updates to existing users using push notifications. You can also schedule these notifications from the backend of the server.

Uber clone app
SMS Verification

SMS Verification will make a registration process easy and quick. This quick registration process will increase the conversion rate. On the other side, you can also use the SMS verification to reset the password.

Uber clone
Address Book

The Address Book in Dinedoo lets you manage the address easily. You can add apartment number, block no, street, and city in separate tabs. You can also use GPS to fetch the address instantly.

Uber clone
Dispute Management System

There may be a dispute between a delivery partner and a customer in food delivery. In that case, the admin can respond and resolve any matters from the Dispute Management System.

Deliveroo clone

Deliveroo based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • Chat in Real-time

    The Dinedoo app has instant messaging functionality, which will help users to chat with the delivery person. It is a free in-app messaging feature that comes on both Android and iOS.

  • New Advanced Analytics

    Our new advanced analytics comes with cutting edge technology. It will help you to solve your problem and grow your business simultaneously. Our new advanced analytics tools come with the latest versions of the Dinedoo application.

  • Save Favorite

    Customers can add edit and delete their favorite restaurants anytime. They can mark a restaurant as their favorite and use it for later use.

uber clone
  • Check Order Status

    The current order status of the food delivery will update in real-time. Once the restaurant accepts the order, a delivery executive will reach the restaurant and pick the food. Users will get continuous updates about these in their notification section.

  • White-label Product

    You will get the food delivery application with your brand and logo in your name. All our mobile apps are White-labelled and come with fully comprehensive functionality.

  • Invite Your Friends

    Users can send the download link to their friends and recommend them to install the app. It will help you take your business to the next level and give your business a better reach.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the Deliveroo clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other Food Clone apps.

Uber eats clone script
Wallet Balance

It is hectic to carry credit cards or cash with us all the time. So we have added the wallet feature into the Dinedoo app. Customers can pay money using this wallet without using their credit card/debit card.

Uber app clone
Delivery Management

Our Dinedoo software will help you to manage your deliveries from the backend easily. Right from the booking till delivery, it will help you to manage everything from the dashboard.

Uber clone app
Earning Report

The drivers can import/export the earnings into a CSV file. They can easily manage the commission's earnings based on the date. They can also check the payouts easily by exporting them into a CSV file.

Uber clone
Schedule Bookings

You can allow your users to pre-order the meal before 24 or 48 hours. Admin has the option to modify the timing from the backend. It will give the option to order from a restaurant at a specific date and specific time.

Uber eats clone script
Powerful Search

With our powerful search, users can shortlist their requirements in a few seconds. They can search for Gluten-free, vegan food, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, etc..

Uber app clone
Multiple Payment Gateways

Gone are those days where websites had a single payment gateway to process the payments. Having multiple payment gateways into the checkout will increase your revenue.



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