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What is Doordash Clone?

Doordash Clone is a readymade food delivery application. It has driven entrepreneurs to launch their food-tech app within two days

  • Global Payments
  • Brilliant UI Themes
  • Merchant Commissions
  • 24x7 Support
  • Android/iOS Apps
  • Route Optimization
  • Geo Fencing

Are you keen on building a food-delivery app based on a business model like DoorDash? Worry not, Snoota has a solution. The company sells DoorDash Clone – called Dinedoo, which is a readymade food delivery application. The app functions like DoorDash and has an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface.

What’s more, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. There is a big advantage in buying the readymade script from Snoota. It can save all those months you’ll spend on developing a similar app and cut down on the cost.

All you have to do is buy the script and let Snoota customize it according to your needs and requirements. It can be the interface, functionalities, or color – so that the app is unique to your company. If you know how DoorDash functions, it’s easier to operate Dinedoo. You can adapt it to suit your company’s requirements.

I will give you a better understanding of how DoorDash functions and how it makes money. Here we’ve addressed a few most commonly asked questions.

doordash app clone

WHY Doordash clone?

Notable Features of the Doordash clone.

  • Uber clone app Real-time Delivery Tracking

    Using the live map view, users can track the Delivery executive in Real-time. Our order-to-delivery tracking module helps the users to track the food order in real-time.

  • Uber clone Integrate LiveChat

    We have seamlessly integrated a two-way chat into the Dinedoo app using the Cutting edge technology. It helps to bring instant chat into the Dinedoo application.

  • Uber eats clone script Schedule Meals

    The Meals scheduling option will help you to capture a wide range of markets in corporate bodies. You can also roll out this feature based on selected cities or selected restaurants.

Key Features - Doordash clone

Uber app clone
Strong User Insights

Make better decisions by using the data from the admin panel dashboard. It will help you impress your customers. In turn, it will increase the engagement rate of the campaigns.

Uber app clone
Repeat Recent Order

Reorder your food in a single tap of a button with our Dinedoo application. The reorder button will add the items from the Past order to your new order instantly.

Uber clone app
Quick App Store Approval

Our team will help you through the App Store approval process. They will guide you through submitting the app on both Google play store and Apple iOS platforms.

Uber clone app
Push Notification

You can send unlimited notifications from your backend using this push notification feature. Using a single notification, you can reach millions of people through the app.

Uber clone
Digital Wallet

Our In-app digital wallet allows the customers to recharge and pay anytime, anywhere. All the transactions happen instantly. It is the quickest way to pay for a food ordering online.

Uber clone
Food Delivery Management

By using our Dinedoo admin panel, you can have full control over your business. It will help you to manage all your orders and deliveries easily.

Doordash clone

Uber based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • Dispute Resolution Processes

    Admin can charge the customer upon late cancellation. Also, customers can dispute cancellation fees from their login. Admin can also take action on the delivery partner for bad behavior.

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews

    Users can give positive or negative ratings based on their experience with the delivery partners. By weeding out the bad delivery partners, you can easily keep the best set of people for your business.

  • Instant Chat

    Our Dinedoo app has in-built advanced messaging functionality. When the user/delivery man sends a message, an automatic notification will pop out instantly.

doordash clone
  • Advanced-Data Tools

    Our advance the data tools will fetch you a broad range of data from the admin panel dashboard. It will help you to improve your business and increase profitability.

  • Save Favorites

    Using this feature save your frequently visited places as favorites. You can do it in a single tap. It will help you to order from the same restaurant easily without searching.

  • Order Management

    Admin can manage the orders from the backend of the admin panel. They can also track the ongoing orders, completed orders, and the upcoming orders from the dashboard.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the Doordash clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other Food Clone apps.

Uber eats clone script
Private Label Products

We provide a customized white label product for every customer who purchases our Dinedoo application. Our apps are ready-made, native, and it will have a professional look.

Uber app clone
Invite All Friends

The Dinedoo app has a "Refer a friend" option. By giving a referral bonus, you can ask your users to share the referral link to their friends. It will help you to scaleup your business.

Uber clone app
Earnings Summary

Our Dinedoo app will clearly show the commissions earned for every delivery along with the tips from customers. They can use filters to find the earnings summary of a particular day/week easily.

Uber clone
OTP Verification module

Using the Dinedoo application, users can verify their mobile number easily through OTP. The OTP verification module will send an instant SMS to the mobile number. By using this feature, users can verify their accounts in a single step.

Uber eats clone script
Manage Multiple Addresses

Our application comes with a simplified address book to manage multiple addresses. Users can add multiple addresses under different labels. Use labels such as "home" "office" to get food delivery in different locations easily.

Uber app clone
Multi-Online Payment Gateways

Having multiple online payment gateways is the best solution for your business. Multiple payment gateways will increase your conversion rate. It also accepts all kinds of currencies across the world.



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