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What is Tiverr - Fiverr Clone?

  • Unlimited Category & Sub Category
  • Secure Payment System
  • Place Custom Offers
  • Ratings & Feedbacks
  • Sponsored Gigs
  • Dispute Management Center
  • Bidding Module
  • Responsive Design

Fiverr connects online freelancers with businesses/individuals who purchase services on the platform.

Use the Fiverr business model and create your service marketplace website using our Fiverr Clone. Connect the freelancers with registered Businesses/individuals to fulfill their requirements and earn a commission.

Fiverr earns through commissions and processing fees while liaising with buyers and sellers. Each project posted by a buyer is called a "gig." The job requester needs to pay for the project upfront. Use our Fiverr Clone and takes a commission for each gig.

fiverr clone
fiverr app clone

WHY Fiverr clone?

Notable Features of the Fiverr clone.

  • Fiverr clone app Gig Commission

    Tiverr will automatically calculate the Commission for every Job. It will automatically add the fees to the payouts regularly. The admin can manually adjust the payout frequency from the backend.

  • Fiverr clone Report Buyers/Sellers

    Both sellers and buyers have the option to report each other. If the buyer or seller violates policy by posting any bad gig or reply, they can instantly report. The admin can take action accordingly.

  • Fiverr clone script Multi-Language

    The tiverr script comes with a multi-language option where the users can change the language preferences according to their comfort. The admin can also add more languages to the portal from the dashboard.

  • Fiverr script Set Limits

    The admin can set limits on adding gigs to the users. They can add limits in the number of edits made in every gig. It is necessary to set a limit on the initial stage for every buyer to avoid scams.

Key Features - Fiverr clone

Fiverr app clone
Wallet Feature

It is always good to have her dimpled payment system. It is better than depending on the third-party payment gateways. So we have integrated a wallet feature into our app through which users can spend the money.

Fiverr app clone
Save/Manage Gigs

The users have the option to save any gigs they like when they browse. They can also edit the gigs they have posted and re-publish it anytime. Tiverr is an incredibly powerful platform with userfriendly features.

Fiverr clone app

Both sellers and buyers can rate each other after the service. Whether it is a compliment or a complaint, they can post it after job completion. The admin has the option to modify the ratings from the backend.

Fiverr clone app
Multiple Payment Options

Attract customers by making use of our multiple payment options. It also increases the conversion rate with less cart abandonment. Apart from Debit/Credit Card, you can also add third-party gateways into the app.

Fiverr clone
Add/Browse Gigs

Browse through the marketplace and place an order in any gig you come across. Users can add an unlimited number of gigs, and they can browse through the site through desktop/mobile.

Fiverr clone
Email Gigs

Run an email campaign by sending a gis to thousands of users instantly. Use our script to send an email automatically whenever a user adds a gig to the website. Users can add/edit the email notification settings.

Fiverr clone

Fiverr based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • Add Unlimited Gigs

    Users can add an unlimited amount of Gigs into the website. They can add the gigs both via desktop or via mobile. Offer unlimited Gig postings to the users without any restrictions.

  • Mobile-friendly Website

    Our Tiverr comes with a mobile-friendly website. Users can access it both via mobile as well as through the desktop. With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, it is a much-needed option now!

  • Advanced Search Option

    A website may have thousands of gigs on the site. In those scenarios, it won't be easy to find a gig though normal search. So use our advanced search option to find the gig easily.

  • Social Signup/Login

    We have configured our application with social login features. Users can use their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts to login to the account. They can also use the same for signup.

fiverr clone
  • Multi-Currency

    Depending on your location, the currency will change accordingly on the website. Users can also manually change the currency using the currency switcher anytime.

  • Add/Edit Discount Codes

    The admin can add discount codes and share them via email to the users anytime. The admin can change or remove any promo code from the system from the admin panel dashboard.

  • Order Management

    The admin can manage the orders from the dashboard easily. They can also manage it easily by using the pipeline model. It will show the payout details, commissions, and user reports.

  • User Notification

    The users (both buyers and sellers) can get a notification on the messages they receive in their inbox. They will get notified both via email and phone instantly.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the Fiverr clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other Fiverr Clone apps.

Fiverr clone script
Live Chat/Messaging

Both buyers and sellers can chat with each other using the in-built messaging system. It will prevent them from knowing their number from each other and keep them in the system forever.

Fiverr clone
Custom Skins

The admin can apply different skins or themes from the backend to the website. It will instantly reflect in the mobile version as well. Create a unique version of the website by changing the themes.

Fiverr clone app
Earnings Dashboard

Our dashboard comes with an earnings module that will show you the earnings in a graphical representation. You can check it day-wise, and month-wise as per your wish.

Fiverr clone
Seller Tips

The buyers can give tips to the seller if they are happy with their service. It is an optional section where the buyers can add any amount and pay it along with the service charges.

Fiverr clone script
Mark Favourites

The users can browse the gigs and mark the gigs they like as favorites. They can go to the favorites section and see the ones that have starred in the past. They can also remove it from favorites in a single click.

Fiverr app clone
Dispute Resolution Center

Disputes may arise anytime between buyers and sellers. The admin has the option to review the case anytime from the dashboard. The admin can ask for details through the resolution center and solve the problems.

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