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just eat clone script

What is Just eat clone?

  • Monitor Performance
  • Automatic Invoice
  • Top-notch Technology
  • Advanced Search
  • Deployable in the Cloud
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Advanced Route Optimization

Do you wish to have a start-up like Just Eat model? Now, This is where Dinedoo comes into the picture. Dinedoo gives entrepreneurs a ready-made mobile application to launch their delivery application. And that too, in two days!

At Dinedoo, we ask the future entrepreneurs: Why reinvent the wheel? We have a ready-made script that can save months of development time. Our script ensures businesses are up and running in two days. The application is available on Android Playstore and Apple App Store.

Dinedoo is a customizable software. Users can incorporate various color schemes and functionalities to give unique user experience. Dinedoo retains almost all the functionalities of Just Eat.

just eat clone script
just eat clone script

WHY Just eat clone?

Notable Features of the Just eat clone.

  • Uber clone app Delivery Tracking

    Our Live delivery tracking will let you know the status of a delivery partner in real-time. You can see that whenever you order from a restaurant. It is irrespective of the delivery partner who is picking your food.

  • Uber clone Promo Codes

    Attract customers by providing discount codes to users. It will help you to generate more revenue for your business. Using the backend admin panel webmaster can create/edit a promotion code easily.

  • Uber clone script Multi-Language

    Our on-demand food delivery app comes with Multi-language support. It lets you expand your food delivery business across multiple regions. Our support includes right-to-left (RTL), Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Key Features - Just eat clone

Uber app clone
Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search filter will deliver refined search results of your favorite restaurants in town. You can search for restaurants based on cuisine, location, delivery time, and ratings.

Uber app clone
Multi-Payment Service

Having multiple payment options is the best way to get new customers. We have added more payment gateways. By being more flexible, we have increased the conversion rate rapidly.

Uber clone app
View Insights

Listening to your customers is very important for all businesses around the world. I want applications that will generate advanced insights based on user behavior. You can use this data to improve your business.

Uber clone app
Reorder Food

For both delivery and take out you can click on the reorder button to repeat orders from the recent history. It will save you a lot of time ordering your food if you plan to repeat the same order.

Uber clone
Free App Store Approval

General mobile app approval is a painful process. But you don't need to worry as our team will be there to help you through the approval of your food delivery apps.

Uber clone
App Push Notifications

Using the push notification feature, you can reach your users anytime, anywhere. You can send your marketing messages using push notifications easily.

Just eat clone

Food based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • Deliveries Management

    We have designed our Dinedoo application in such a way that it will cater to restaurants and caterers efficiently. You can manage all deliveries form the delivery management panel.

  • Income Report

    Drivers will get an earnings report for every order they made. They will get an instant alert on the commission's earned for every order. To make it easy, we have included a graphical form of a reporting system for the drivers.

  • Manage Address

    Customers can add/edit/delete the addresses inside the app. They can also move the location in the app manually to their desired location.

just-eat clone
  • In-app Chat

    Dinedoo application comes with a secure in-app messaging platform. Both delivery executives and customers can chat with each other in real-time. It is a reliable messaging platform.

  • Dispute Management Platform

    Our Dispute Management Platform will help you to resolve disputes faster and easier. You can track and monitor all disputes from the backend. It is a cost-effective way of solving disputes for your business.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Gather your customer feedback immediately after the food delivery. Our application will immediately ask the user to enter their ratings and feedback after the delivery.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the Just eat clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other Food Clone apps.

Uber clone script

Now you can keep money in your Digital account easily. You can recharge send and receive money at any time. You can also pay for your food if you are ordering through the Dinedoo application.

Uber app clone
Mobile OTP Verification

Mobile OTP verification is a fast and secure way to take users onboard. It is the best way to validate users quickly in a few seconds. Apart from registration, users can also use this OTP verification feature whenever they log in to their accounts.

Uber clone app
Contactless Delivery

The demand for Contactless Delivery is increasing day by day. There is a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases worldwide. Admin can also make the Contactless Delivery as the default choice for all users.

Uber clone

It is vital to categorize the food into groups. Our application helps you by suggesting various food categories to group it accordingly. Inside the categories, you can also add subcategories. For, e.g., split Drinks into Alcoholic drinks and Non-alcoholic drinks.

Uber clone script
Fully Integrated Messaging

Our Integrated Messaging system comes with a great UI. Also, it is an AI-powered chat that will help you to capitalize on your competitors. It allows getting in touch with customers instantly.

Uber app clone
Order for later

Users can use the scheduling option in the app. It lets the user select the date and time and schedule the food order from their favorite restaurants. It will help the restaurant to manage and order food stocks based on the number of bookings.



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