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TikTok clone

Why Choose Our TikTok Clone?

  • Advanced Video Editing
  • Live Streaming
  • Countdown Times
  • Create Duet Videos
  • Modern Admin Panel
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Parent Control Features
  • Safe & Secure

Funly is readymade TikTok clone software. Entrepreneurs can buy this software, customize it, and release it into the market. It takes only two days to customize this TikTok clone. You can change the color scheme, add new features, the company’s logo, and release it into the market.

Funly: TikTok clone has all the features available in TikTok and works the same way. You can use the app on both Android and iOS mobile phones. Entrepreneurs who want to launch TikTok-like apps can buy Funly software from Snoota.

Add Filter/ Visual Effects

Users can add a cover image, emojis, and visual effects to the videos using the app. Users can also add time effects to the videos and check a preview before publishing.

zoom clone
Zoom app clone

WHY TikTok clone?

Notable Features of the TikTok clone.

  • Uber clone app Hearts & Comments

    Users can share their opinion through comments in any videos. If they like a video, they can also add like to it by tapping the heart sign.

  • Uber clone Go Live

    You can go live anytime., just by logging into your account. There is no restriction in the duration. Users can connect with their followers in real-time.

  • Uber eats clone script Social Media Shares

    Social media sharing is the best option to increase engagement for your videos. Use our application to share videos with a single click of a button.

  • Uber clone script User Analytics

    Our app comes with an advantage tracking that will allow users to see advanced insights. Our analytics will show real-time data to users.

Key Features - TikTok clone

Uber app clone
Scan & Send QR Code

Users can scan the QR code and subscribe to channels instantly. You can enable/disable this feature by going into the settings section.

Uber app clone
Create a Duet Video

Two users can create a video at the same time and publish it as a duet video. It is a trending feature right now, and it is helping users make a video viral on the internet.

Uber clone app
Geolocation-based Videos

Geo-location based videos will connect the like-minded people. It will help to personalize the content easily.

Uber clone app
Upload Videos

Uploading a video into the application is very easy. First, select a video from the gallery. Then, click upload to post the video into the app.

Uber clone
Alerts & Notifications

Whenever users like or comment on your video, you will get an instant notification in the app. Users can go to the notification check section to check all the alerts.

Uber clone
Built-in Video Editing

Our application comes with a video editing feature that allows the users to edit the videos. Make your videos attractive and reduce the number of takes.

TikTok clone

TikTok based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • React

    We have added the "react" feature to the application. Users can add reactions to any videos in the app creatively. Users can use the inbuilt reactions, or they can also add their own reactions to the app.

  • Trend It with Hashtags

    Increase the reach of your video by adding the right hashtags. It will help you to go viral and reach millions of users quickly. It will also be useful for people to search based on category.

  • View Preview

    Go to the video thumbnail and click on the image to see a preview. It will show your preview of the video that you have uploaded. Advantage of this video preview option and post the perfect video on your channel.

  • Original Soundtracks

    You can upload original soundtracks into the application. Create your video with the help of the original soundtracks available in the app. Our app allows you to lip-sync and create a video.

Zoom clone
  • Hide From Others

    Users can hide their profile from the public by changing the privacy status. Once you change the profile from public to private, it won't be visible for others.

  • Block A User

    If any user is disturbing you or violates the TOS, you can block them in a single tap tap. It will restrict the block to users from commenting or following you in the application.

  • Make Slideshow

    You can make Photo slideshow using our video-sharing application. First, select the list of images that you want to bring in the slideshow. Then click on create a video.

  • Add Timer

    Our application comes with an integrated timer feature. It allows the users to set time a time delay before shooting a video. Once you set the time delay, the clock will start ticking instantly.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the TikTok clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other TikTok Clone apps.

Uber eats clone script
Family Pairing

Take control of your kid's account by pairing it with your account. We have a lot of parental control features to the application. Using this feature, parents can control the messages their kids receive/send.

Uber app clone
Language Preferences

Users can go to the content preferences section and set their preferred language. Once you set the preferred language, you will start seeing the videos relevant to your choice.

Uber clone app
Change Profile

You can change your email address, name, and profile picture using this section. You can either upload a photo or take a selfie instantly and make it as your profile picture.

Uber clone
Change Username

Once in a certain amount of time, users can change their username based on their preferences. Our app will make sure that the username is not available before making the change.

Uber eats clone script
SMS validation

Our app restricts spam using the one-time password validation through SMS. It will also stop suspicious activity in your account. SMS validation will keep the accounts safe and secure.

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