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Ubereats clone

What is UberEats Clone?

  • User-friendly UX
  • Efficient Ordering
  • High-end Technology
  • Supports Cloud Kitchen
  • Menu Management
  • Offer Management
  • Heat map View
  • Detailed Reporting

Dinedoo is a world-class food delivery app engineered by the expert team at Snoota. It is available for both Android and iOS. It has all the features of the UberEats app, and we have tested it extensively. It is entirely secure.

You can set up a food delivery app within 2-days using our UberEats Clone. We can customize the app to suit color preferences. We can also alter the features to suit your requirements.

You save huge on development costs and time by using our UberEats clone app for your business. Our UberEats clone simplifies launching your business. So, you can focus on marketing and delighting customers.

Ubereats clone
Uber app clone

WHY UberEats clone?

Notable Features of the UberEat clone.

  • Uber clone app Live Delivery Tracking

    Our Dinedoo application comes with real-time delivery tracking. It will automatically trigger the notifications to both drivers and customers for all updates.

  • Uber clone Coupon Codes

    Coupon code is nothing but a code that consists of a combination of numbers and letters. Admin can generate an unlimited number of coupon codes to customers. They can offer discounts using those coupon codes.

  • Uber eats clone script Serve Multilanguage

    Our application supports multilanguage, including Arabic, German, French Spanish, and 20+ more languages. Customers can choose their native language and use it according to their convenience.

Key Features - UberEats clone

Uber app clone
Seamless Live Chat

Our application comes with an integrated live chat feature. It will increase the engagement rate between the drivers and the customers. It will also help the drivers to reach the customer location easily.

Uber app clone
Schedule Your Food Delivery

Nowadays, all food delivery applications come with the scheduling option. It will get the customers to order food well in advance and plan accordingly.

Uber clone app
Narrow Your Search

Our new version of the food delivery app comes with an advanced research feature. It will help you to search for your favorite restaurant by applying multiple filters.

Uber clone app

Our application comes with a highly secure integrated wallet option. Customers can add their credit/debit cards and money to the valet instantly.

Uber clone
Full Delivery Management

Our dashboard will help you manage orders, delivery, and takeaway in a single place. You can easily manage all orders from a single dashboard panel.

Uber clone
Complete Financial Details

The delivery partners can check their financial details in their earnings section. It will show the clear details of the commissions, tips, estimates for the entire day/week/month.

UberEats clone

Uber based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • Dispute Settlement Module

    Our application comes with an award-winning dispute settlement module. Using this module admin can settle disputes between the restaurant, delivery person, and the customer.

  • Ratings & Comments

    The customers can add ratings for both the food and the delivery person. They can also write a few lines of review about the restaurant and the delivery executive.

  • Chat Messaging

    Instant chatting is one of the effective ways of communication. By using that, the delivery executives and users can get instant responses from each other.

uber clone
  • Gain Clear Insights

    User experience is very important when it comes to mobile applications. Our backend panel will give you clear details of the customer flow right from their entry till the exit.

  • Repeat Purchase

    Our food ordering app will allow the customer to repeat their orders from recent history. It will save a lot of time to book the same order from the same restaurant.

  • Invite Everyone

    One of the best ways to market your product is through affiliate marketing. The app comes with an option to invite friends. They can do it using their social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the UberEats clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other Food Clone apps.

Uber eats clone script
Add/Edit/Delete Favorites

Customers can easily pick their favorite restaurants by adding a particular restaurant on this list. They can add/edit/delete the restaurants at any time. It is similar to bookmarking a particular website in the browser.

Uber app clone
Cloud-based Order Management

Having complete control over the business is a primary thing. You can import/export orders, and you can also manage the orders from the dashboard. It will help you to calculate the commission, payouts, and the fees easily.

Uber clone app
Rebranded Products

Customers always prefer to know the application in their brand. They can upload the name logo and get the product in their desired style. This type of rebranding comes with the purchase of the product without any extra cost.

Uber clone
Advanced-Data Analytics

The app will show you play a graphical representation of the data in an advanced format. It will help you to understand the business very easily. You can also check the current trends based on the data.

Uber eats clone script
Verification Via OTP

The phone number verification process is very simple. Users can verify their mobile number by eating the OTP received to the registered number. It will also help to eliminate fake profiles.

Uber app clone
Add/Edit Multiple Addresses

Customers can add multiple addresses to their address book. They can also change the address or delete that address whenever they want. Apart from this, they can also label the address as "Office" & "Home."



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