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Zomato clone script

What is Zomato clone?

Are you looking to launch a food-tech business like Zomato? Snoota can help you set it up. We sell Zomato clone, a readymade food delivery application that can be adapted to your needs and requirements.

  • Feature-Rich Platform
  • No-contact Delivery Feature
  • Order from Favourites
  • Takeaway Option
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Quality Coding

Dinedoo is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The biggest advantage of buying this readymade script is that you can save all the months that you will otherwise take to create a similar app from scratch and cut down on cost.

Once you buy Dinedoo, you can customize it to suit your requirements by adding or deleting functions and even changing color pattern so that it’s unique to your business.

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WHY Zomato Clone?

Notable Features of the Zomato clone.

  • Uber clone app Integrated Chat

    The food delivery executive can connect with the user using the in-app chat feature. Using the app, both executives and customers can chat with one another. They can answer the questions in real-time.

  • Uber clone Schedule Orders

    Enhance your food delivery business by offering order scheduling. You can also use order slots with 15 minutes or 30 minutes slots. The order will get triggered at the scheduled time automatically to the restaurant.

  • Uber clone script Enhanced Search Filter

    Our Enhanced search will let you find high-quality food from restaurants based on your preferences. Users can use our advanced search panel. It will provide accurate restaurant information based on their address, phone number, etc.

Key Features - Zomato clone

Uber app clone
Submitting Your App

Right from account creation till the app's approval, we will guide you through the process. If there is any rejection, our team will fix the feedback and resubmit the file instantly.

Uber app clone

Admin can send notifications to the restaurants, delivery executives, and customers anytime. It is an excellent way to engage with your customers all the time.

Uber clone app
Preferred Payment Gateway

Accept a variety of transactions from multiple payment providers. Allow users to make payments using debit cards, credit cards, stripe, and wallets.

Uber clone app
Advanced-Data Analytics

Our backend admin panel will give powerful user analytics to webmasters. Webmasters can use those insights to get a clear picture of the user's interest in the application.

Uber clone
Complete Delivery Management

Dinedoo is a Cutting-edge food delivery management software. You can purchase the software and launch it on both iOS and Android platforms.

Uber clone
Earnings Statistics

The delivery executive can see the complete earning details in the Dinedoo application. The earnings will show detailed information on the delivery fees, tips, and payouts separately.

Zomoto clone

Food based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • Mobile Number Verification

    Mobile Number Verification will make the registration process more secure. First-time users need to verify their mobile number using the OTP they receive through SMS.

  • Manage Delivery Address

    Tap on the delivery address section to add, edit, or delete addresses anytime. You can also add multiple addresses to the application and use a different address for all food orders.

  • Dispute Resolution

    You can create/edit/manage complaints through the dispute management center. Webmasters can resolve and clarify the disputes using this Dispute management dashboard.

just-eat clone
  • Customer Reviews

    Use the customer review option that comes with the Dinedoo app to improve your business. Analyze customer feedback and set a goal to increase the happiness ratings.

  • In-App Chat Feature

    Rather than making a phone call every time, users can chat with the delivery partners in real-time. It will help them to guide the location to their home easily.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Our power analytics with clear insights will help you in decision making. You can easily extract accurate information from the admin panel dashboard.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the zomato clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other Food Clone apps.

Uber clone script
Add to Favorites

Click to add a selected restaurant to the favorites instantly. Later you can go to my favorite section to choose the restaurant quickly. We made it easy for customers to add and remove the restaurants from the list.

Uber app clone
Check Your Order

Users can make multiple orders from the same login. By clicking on a particular order, users can check the status update in real-time. They will get a notification for every update right from accepting the order till delivery.

Uber clone app
White labeling

Take advantage of our ready-made food delivery application and kickstart your business instantly. Easy for you to brand the product under your name as it is unique.

Uber clone
Refer a Friend

The app will create an automatic unique referral code for every user accounts. For every successful sign up through the referral code, you can give a referral bonus to the user.

Uber clone script
Live Food Tracking

Using the inbuilt GPS, customers cannot track the driver. They can do it as soon as they place the order from the restaurant. It will help to monitor the status of your food using the built-in GPS.

Uber app clone
Coupon Manager

People can save effortlessly using the digital coupons provided by you. It will engage and attract customers to use your food delivery application. Admin can offer limited or unlimited promo codes as per their preference.



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