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Zoom clone

Why Choose Our Zoom Clone?

  • Private Chatrooms
  • Instant Group Chat
  • Send Broadcast Messages
  • Password Protected Meetings
  • Cloud-based Recording
  • Host Events
  • HD Video and Audio Calls
  • Share Multiple Screens

Seeing the popularity of Zoom, Snoota has brought a Zoom clone app called Jizby. This ready-made video communication app has all the Zoom features. You can launch it in just two days. Any company looking to get into the Zoom-like software can save months of development cost and time by just buying Jizby.

Snoota can also make the app unique if required by companies. They can change the colors or alter the functionalities of the app.

So, if you are looking to make the most of the present market, investing in Jizby is a good idea.

zoom clone
Zoom app clone

WHY Zoom clone?

Notable Features of the Zoom clone.

  • Uber clone app With or without Audio

    Users have the option to turn the audio off before joining the meeting. They can also mute and unmute audio during the meeting.

  • Uber clone Customize PMI

    You can now customize the Personal Meeting ID using the PMI settings option. You can also add a password to the meeting to restrict outsiders.

  • Uber eats clone script Raise Virtual-Hand

    We have included a Virtual-Hand icon into the app. Users can use that icon to express their opinions during a meeting.

  • Uber clone script Meeting/Webinar Polls

    Participants can now create and participate in polls during a Meeting or Webinar. You can also share the poll with a person or a group.

Key Features - Zoom clone

Uber app clone
Advanced Settings

Use this advanced settings option to test the background of the video. Also, you can check your mic and speaker and adjust the volume.

Uber app clone

Users can make use of pre-loaded or custom made emojis in the Jizby application. You can also add Emoticons to your recorded videos.

Uber clone app
Set Status

The status icon will appear next to your contact name. Users can change their status to Available, Not Available, Busy, and Much more.

Uber clone app
Change Personal ID

A random ten-digit combination will get generated whenever you change it. You can change the Personal ID anytime before the session.

Uber clone
Enable/Disable Video for Participants

Both the host and co-host can enable/disable the audio and video for participants. They have the control to

Uber clone
Cloud Recordings

Auto record all meetings in the cloud easily using our Jizby app. It will also give you the option to record the sessions in the local system.

Zoom clone

Zoom based app businesses takes the upper hand in the upcoming on demand market

  • To Join Before The Host

    It is annoying to see, "Wait for the host to start this meeting.". So we have added an option that will allow users to start the meeting without a host.

  • Google, Outlook or Other Calendar Integrations

    You can connect Jizby with multiple calendars and synchronize them. It will help you to create recurring and repetitive events easily.

  • Waiting Room Feature

    Both the host or co-host can allow participants to enter the virtual waiting room anytime. You can either let them one-by-one or in bulk.

  • Mute All Before Meeting

    Our zoom clone app will let the host or co-host to Mute Individual Participants or in bulk. They can mute their Audio/video anytime.

Zoom clone
  • Recurring Meeting

    You can conduct a series of meetings regularly using the recurring meeting option. You can also pre-assign the break timings and duration.

  • With or Without Computer Sounds

    The host can manage the Share Screen audio settings of the participants. The host can mute/unmute the participants anytime during the meeting.

  • Integrated Calander

    Our app comes with an integrated calendar, which saves time in adding appointments every time. Add or schedule a meeting instantly.

  • Storage in the Cloud

    The host can record the meeting in the cloud easily by selecting the record option. You can also manually set the auto-deletion from settings.

Highlighting Features

Snoota has released the latest version of the Zoom clone App. We have included some highlighting features that will surpass all other Zoom Clone apps.

Uber eats clone script
Send a Private Message

Our app comes with an in-app messaging feature. It allows participants in the meeting to have a private chat. The host can disable private chats.

Uber app clone
Starred Messages

Starred Message option will help the users to find a particular chat instantly. You can do this by clicking on the star next to the message.

Uber clone app
Capture Screenshot

Participants can share the screenshot instantly using the Jizby application. You can also edit the images and add effects before sharing.

Uber clone
Track Attendees

Jizby app calculates the time using the app/browser. It will help them to find participants who are not paying attention to the session.

Uber eats clone script
In-build Messaging

Our app has an inbuilt business messaging feature that lets users chat with each other. They can also chat in groups, both using mobile & PC.

Uber app clone
Enter Meeting With a Link

Users can use both Link or Meeting ID to enter the meeting/webinar. They can also join the session using their mobile/PC instantly.

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